micf project


  • The MICF has provided a grant to a women lead co-operative, to test an inclusive business model sourcing fresh garden tomatoes from smallholder women farmers, preserve them using natural preservatives and market the product in high quality jars for the local and regional markets. This project focuses significantly on women empowerment both in terms of the beneficiaries (500 women farmers who are expected to record an increase in incomes) and in terms of the management of the cooperative (which is a women led movement) to add value to a non-traditional crop. 
  • The lead partner is using multiple strategies to work with the farmers, primarily poor female farmers, living near to or vulnerable to poverty and providing them with alternative livelihood options. One of the key activities will be setting up of green houses for farmer groups, providing them with the right variety of seed and technical backstopping as well as introducing greater transparency in the pricing of tomatoes and the revenues farmers receive from their cultivation.