micf project


Introduction of new "liquid egg" products for the food industry 

  • Egg products are frequently preferred to shelling eggs by commercial bakers, food manufacturers and the foodservice industry because they have many advantages, including convenience, labour savings, minimal storage requirements, ease of portion control, and product quality, safety, stability and uniformity. Over the last couple of decades there has been a substantial growth in the baking and confectionary industry in Malawi where there is a need for eggs as raw material. 
  • This MICF supported project will process egg into “Liquid Egg Products” for the domestic market and for the region and set up a smallholder based supply chain to supplement its requirement of eggs for processing. The egg product, the first time it will be introduced in Malawi, will prolong the shelf life which allows for better stock management.  Shell eggs on average have a shelf life of 14 days, egg liquid stored at room temperature have a shelf life of 28 days, when stored in a refrigerator 65 days and 1 year if frozen. 
  • The lead company aims to develop backward integration of its production processes to incorporate locally produced eggs which will in turn have a direct impact on improving livelihoods of 300 farmers and the creation of 65 new jobs. The company will provide technical backstopping to farmers in addition to chicks and feed, with a buy back policy. The aim being to improve farmers’ productivity as well as get them involved in a long term partnership with the Company. The chicks also require a specialized feed and the company will buy raw materials from the farmers for this feed mill.