micf project


A new industrial use for cassava starch and liquid glucose 

  • In Malawi, Amryl/Corn Starch and Liquid Glucose is currently being imported by food, confectionery, beverages, textile and other industries. Despite fresh cassava being locally produced, the crop has not been commercialized due to lack of investment in further processing into value added products such as Starch and Liquid. 
  • The MICF financed project will produce Cassava Starch and Liquid Glucose (for the first time) within Malawi at a relatively large industrial scale and supply various sectors such as Food manufacturers, textile industries, paper and plywood. Currently there are no large scale manufactures of Cassava based starch and glucose in the region.  MICF has contracted a large agribusiness firm to implement an inclusive business model which will target over 7,000 smallholder cassava farmers in Thyolo, Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Zomba, Machinga, Blantyre, Neno and Mangochi Districts to provide fresh cassava roots for the project. 
  • The project aligns itself to the National Export Strategy by adding value to locally grown commodities and import substitution.

    The project has a unique model of creating Mobile Processing Units across the main growing areas which will enable farmers to complete the first stage of processing and sell a value added product to the company thereby increasing their incomes while at the same time company saves on transport cost and time. The project will use of ICT tools and mobile technology to effectively provide extension/advisory service to farmers, link the farmers with cluster groups to the main company.